Top Lacrosse 5 Defensive Heads for 2022

Top Lacrosse 5 Defensive Heads for 2022

So not everyone would have the same top 5 defensive heads but these are what we would consider our top 5.


First up has to be the Maverik Tank 2.0, easily the stiffest and strongest head that Maverik has released to date. With 6 struts in the sidewall design, this head is one tough cookie. X-Rail Technology is engineered to distribute the stress to the opposite rail creating a lightweight and stiff design.

Not only is it super stiff but it's got a great vacuum like scoop to snag those ground balls. Maverik really come up trumps with this outstanding defensive offering.

So next up we have the Swiss Army Knife of men's lacrosse heads, the one and only ECD DNA. The ECD crew came up with a monster of a head with Max Shape Retention - Even after serious abuse, the head shape remains unchanged. The  go-anywhere, check anything, all around beast

If your looking for a defensive head that has a tighter face shape then the ECD DNA is for  you.


Next up is the STX Hammer 900. OK so the Hammer Omega was a bit of a flop due to the insanely high number of breakages which is so ironic as STX marketed it as so durable that it would outlast normal plastic heads. Now we again have a head worthy of the name Hammer.

Made with the tried and tested EnduraForm™ - a proprietary material for improved toughness. The STX Hammer 900 has a redesigned Speed Scoop™ for the long stick player allows for easier groundballs, regardless of the angle of attack. Updated, tighter face profile adds control for better clears and quicker fast breaks. New sidewall design provides a higher level of stiffness and shape retention.


In 4th place we have another offering from STX. The guys over at Bush Street, Baltimore finally gave the people what they'd been asking for with the STX X20

Featuring what STX call a classic face shape to patrol the passing lanes and knock down passes. The STX X20 also features Strike Plate™ amplifies lift and slap checks, these are the jagged bits that remind use of a steak knife!

New Speed Scoop™ design enhances groundball play by minimizing drag and make this head a GB vacuum.

EnduraForm™ - a proprietary material for improved toughness


Although we have the Nike Alpha Elite in 5th place it's well worth taking a look at for those players looking for a tighter face shape. Using Nike's best in industry technology, the Alpha Elite is the best defensive head from Nike to date. With their new Hyper Tough Polymer material, Nike built the Alpha Elite to have great durability and stiffness. Putting an emphasis on ball protection and designed with a deep offset, the Nike Alpha Elite makes it almost impossible to turn the ball over because it can be strung with a deep pocket which makes it a popular option for players running LSM.


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