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Stringking Lacrosse

Custom Dyed Syracuse StringKing 2D with 4S Mesh

Stringking Mark 2D Strung with 4S mesh and dyed with a Syracuse theme

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The StringKing MARK 2D lacrosse head is the ideal head for any defensive player with a rigid design ideal for checking. The MARK 2D is StringKing's premier defensive head with added stiffness and a wider face shape. StringKing engineered the MARK 2D with the optimal width for batting down passes and creating turnovers without sacrificing ball control like many defensive heads on the market currently do. The increased stiffness on the MARK 2D was designed for increased durability and effectiveness when throwing hard checks. StringKing recommends a Mid-High pocket for scooping up ground balls and superior control while horizontal cradling with the MARK 2D.

- Finely tuned wider face shape for ideal width to batt down passes with out sacrificing ball control.

- Ultra stiff design allows for harder and more effective checks with out compromising the durability of the MARK 2D

- Ideal for a Mid-High pocket making ground balls and ball control incredibly easy


- StringKing 6 Month Durability Guarantee included