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Stringking Lacrosse

Custom Hulk Hogan Dyed StringKing Mark 2A with Stringking 4S

Custom Hulk Hogan Themed StringKing Mark 2A with Stringking 4S Mesh This head will stand out on the field. One of one custom dye.

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Better ball control.

Playing offense means controlling the ball. The side profile of the Mark 2A is shifted down for a lower pocket and the throat is slightly more pinched, giving you unmatched control when you’re cradling vertically or with one hand.

The perfect combination of light and stiff.

A great lacrosse head features a stiff construction without weighing you down. A light head gives you faster hands and powerful shots, and stiffness gives you the accuracy you need to hit your target every time. The Mark 2A reduces unnecessary weight without sacrificing consistency.

Quick and accurate throws.

Offensive players need to be able to get the ball in and out of their stick quickly and accurately. That’s why the Mark 2A features a larger offset and a slightly flatter scoop. Play fast. Play with confidence.