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Custom "Nando's" Dyed Epoch Purpose Women's Stick with ECD Venom

Custom "Nando's" Dyed Epoch Purpose Women's Stick with ECD Venom

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This high-performance "Nando's" dyed Epoch Purpose Women's Stick with ECD Venom offers a perfect combination of power and control. Its unique dyeing process ensures a custom look and feel, while its asymmetrical design ensures optimal weight distribution for maximum torque and accuracy. It's the ideal choice for the serious chicken lover wanting to take their game to the next level.

Custom Nando's Theme Dyed Epoch Purpose Women's Complete Stick with ECD Venom Pocket

The Purpose 15-degree head has changed the landscape of women’s lacrosse.

This game changing head is now available in Europe. Mesh pocket is engineered to optimize the sweet spot of the Purpose’s exclusive patent pending 15-degree technology. Each part of the pocket is strategically designed to give you, the player, ultimate control, feel and accuracy when playing. The HT Poly technology is engineered to keep your pocket consistent in all weather conditions with minimal or no adjustments.

Complete with S32 – Slim 7/8" Concave Geometry handle

12 month warranty on head and handle

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