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Epoch Dragonfly 9 F30 iQ5 Faceoff Lacrosse Shaft

Epoch Dragonfly 9 F30 iQ5 Faceoff Lacrosse Shaft

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The Epoch Dragonfly F30 iQ5 Gen6 Composite face-off lacrosse shaft is a top of the line shaft designed for the needs of a face-off player. It features Epoch's Advanced Carbon Layering, which with the Gen 6 Epoch improves upon previous generations by varying the lengths of the carbon fiber pieces. By focusing the strength through the center of the shaft Epoch reduced weight near the ends giving you a consistent flex with out losing durability!

-The MotoGrip design improves clamping power and speed. This is just what you need to excel at the face-off position.

-This shaft has iQ5 Flex technology so that it will flex but not bend. A straight and durable shaft is crucial at the faceoff x.

-The next generation composite/carbon fiber material in this stick is strong and lightweight! The Epoch Dragonfly F30 iQ5 Composite face-off shaft also has the new Torque Box technology which maximizes energy efficiency. This shaft has the speed, power, grip, and durability all designed specifically for your face-off needs.

This shaft includes Epoch's industry leading 1-year warranty!

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