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Epoch Purpose Women's Lacrosse Head strung with 3D Elite

Epoch Purpose Women's Lacrosse Head strung with 3D Elite

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The women's game is changing. The Epoch Purpose is a head at the forefront of that change. Highly recommended by the crew here at Northern Soul 

Designed to be visually stunning from every angle, this highly engineered piece of equipment is more then just a work of art. The Purpose is backed by a 1-year warranty so – play hard we’ve got your back.

Although the purpose is designed to be a master piece visually, its true beauty comes from its engineering. Using the latest computer aided design (C.A.D.) software, the latest in 3D printing technology the Purpose was engineered to exceed the performance of women’s heads currently on the market today. The patent pending 15-degree bottom rail drives the ball to the top third of the head for ball control never-before seen in the women’s game.

We designed The Purpose with pure performance. The women’s game needed a technology that was specific to the women’s game and not borrowed from the men’s. The 15-degree bottom rail has the potential to do for the women’s game what the off-set head did for the men’s game. 

The Purpose™ is engineered for the new generation of elite athletes. Designed, manufactured and tied-up in the USA, the Purpose™ features Epoch’s patent pending 15-degree bottom rail. This technology is designed exclusively by women for women. The 15-degree bottom rail technology drives the ball high in the pocket to the sweet spot unlike any other product in the market. This maximizes feel and control for ultimate consistency, power and accuracy.

The Epoch Purpose is US Lacrosse and World Lacrosse approved

12 month limited warranty on head

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