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Gait Apex Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick Flex Mesh Pocket

Gait Apex Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick Flex Mesh Pocket

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Revolutionary mid-pocket design for unmatched performance. The Gait Apex Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick Flex Mesh Pocket is a top selling lacrosse stick designed specifically for women. Its revolutionary mid-pocket design provides unmatched performance and ball retention, allowing for precision and accuracy with every pass and shot. Get the most out of your lacrosse game with the game leading Gait Apex.

Elite Stick From Gait

• Curved Offset Technology geared for midfielders

• Unrivaled front pocket for peak performance

• Flex Mesh provides unmatched pocket shift for control in every part of the head

• Double sidewall technology creates a wider catching area with a narrowed channel pocket for optimal control

• Ultimate scoop design for accuracy and ground ball pickups

The Gait Apex has been our #1 selling item in store since its release in 2021. The ball control and velocity on your shot you get with the Gait Apex is unlike any other women's lacrosse stick ever made! Give it a try and let us know what you think!

The Gait Apex is US Lacrosse and World Lacrosse approved

6 month limited warranty on head and handle


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Product Questions & Answers (3)

My daughter will be playing Lacrosse for the first time at school this term, is this stick suitable for beginner players?

Carol Jackson, Marple

The Gait Apex Complete Women's stick is an advanced lacrosse stick more suited to experienced players. Beginner players may find this particlar stick difficult to handle due to the aggressive design of the head. We would recommend the Starter Girls Lacrosse Stick from StringKing or the Ascent Carbon Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick from Maverik.

Can the Apex be used as a draw stick?


Yes it can be used on the draw but I'd say that if she is the main draw taker on her team then it would be worth looking at the Gait Draw M as it is the most dominant draw stick in women's lacrosse right now.

My girls both play straight defense. Would the Gait Apex be a good fit?

Sarah Hillard

Plenty of defense players out there using the Apex with great success. As a midfield stick it really does work for any outfield player, highly recommend checking it out. It's the best selling women's lacrosse stick for good reason.

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