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Gait Whip Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick Flex Mesh Pocket

Gait Whip Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick Flex Mesh Pocket

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With its patented Flex Mesh pocket technology, the Gait Whip Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick offers exceptional ball retention, while its uniquely designed pocket improves ball control and manipulation. While other sticks are known to cause rebounds, the Whip's catch friendly pocket assists players to dominate the field. 

Unrivaled front pocket for peak performance.

Ultimate scoop design for accuracy and ground ball pickups.

Double sidewall technology creates a super narrow channel.

The new stringing hole concept gives a large front pocket.

Comes with the game changing Flex Mesh pocket

Features Gait Carbon Mid shaft for superior strength and lightweight.


Product Questions & Answers (1)

What makes the Gait Whip different than the Gait Apex?


The Gait Whip is more attack focus mainly but the Gait Apex is designed to be more of the midflied stick to help carry the ball.

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