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Professional Lacrosse Rebounder Training Aid

Professional Lacrosse Rebounder Training Aid

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Manufactured from extra-sturdy materials this Professional heavy duty A frame rebounder folds away for easy transportation and storage after training sessions.

The target area has an adjustable rebound angle.

A fundamental piece of Lacrosse training equipment for all skill levels.

Suitable for use at school, garden or club.

Standing at 8ft (2.4m) tall this rebounder is perfectly designed to return lacrosse balls to you in a range of adjustable trajectories, at the same height as another player. The 4' x 3' mesh target area’s angle can also be adjusted to change the direction the return ball, whilst tensioned springs keep the rebounder’s mesh surface taut at all times, providing you with a realistic ricochet

The rebounder weighs in at nearly 30 kg and please note there is a £20 oversize UK shipping surcharge applied to this item at checkout.


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