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Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Head

Nike Vapor Elite Lacrosse Head

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Built for the elite offensive-minded player, the Vapor Elite is made with high performance material that provides optimal strength for the toughest of plays without adding weight or bulk, creating the perfect balance of performance and durability in all conditions.

In a similar model to the original Nike CEO, the Vapor Elite mimics the tight throat and elongated bottom rail to improve accuracy and control, as the channel for the ball is one of the most defined of any conventional head. The Vapor Elite improves on this model however with Nike’s “broad shoulders” look, a more aggressive flair at the top of the head that improves scoop and gives a wider area to receive the ball. The deep offset of the head enhances control and power, making the Vapor Elite ideal for both close finishers and step-down shooters.

The triangular strut design improves stiffness on the sidewalls, but still lets the head flex and move for hard shots and quick ball movement. With 16 sidewall holes, the Vapor Elite is perfect for a low-mid pocket that helps with quick feeds and shots on the run.

Perfect for the elite offensive-minded player, the Nike Vapor Elite Unstrung Lacrosse Head lives up to its “elite” status and is ready to turn heads this season.

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