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Rage Cage Folding Lacrosse Club Goal - V5

Rage Cage Folding Lacrosse Club Goal - V5

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The Rage Cage Folding Lacrosse Club Goal is the best portable goal in lacrosse and provides an excellent option for coaches. Its heavy-duty bindings and tensioning system offer a secure and proven stability that is unmatched by other folding lacrosse goals. Its rugged portability ensures easy setup and takedown.

Rage Cage Lacrosse Club Goal

Full-size 6x6ft folding goal with 4mm net. Ideal for practices at all levels. Ships fully assembled. It's rigid 1-3/4 inch OD, 18 gauge steel frame is powder-coated orange, weighs 42lbs., folds in seconds and uses Rage Cage ultra-durable net fastening system. All Rage Cage lacrosse goals are one-piece collapsible units, which setup in seconds. No assembly required, they are easily transported, stored and secured from vandalism and theft.


Full-size, (6ft. x 6ft. x 7ft.), collapsible lacrosse goal and net.

Rounded corners and steel joints, powder-coated orange pipes.

1-3/4in. OD 18 gauge steel tubing, weighs 39 pounds.

1in. OD black flexible links.

Comes pre-strung with a 4mm net with a full perimeter hem.

Carrying strap included.

Rage Cage ShotBlocker included.

Utilises Rage Cage ultra-durable net latching fasteners with nylon mono-filament.

Customer Reviews

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Adam W.
Solid portable goal!

The goal is much more solid than I was expecting. The net is also reinforced for about 3 or 4 squares inside the pipes; it's 2 layers of net held together with metal clips. I'm guessing this is what the "full perimeter hem" is - I wasn't sure what this meant but it was a nice surprise as i was a little concerned about how long a 4mm net would last.

It took a bit of time (probably about 30mins) to get the net set up out of the box. The corners of the posts needed screwing together and while the net it already attached, it needs tightening up using the allen key provided. The net was attached unevenly which wouldn't really have affected anything but it would have annoyed me so i spent some time fixing that. A bit of paint scratched/chipped off when i was screwing the posts together so i'm hoping it doesn't rust too badly long term.

Now it's set up, it only takes 30 seconds to put up/take down.

The carry strap is a bit difficult to get on at first but this gets easier with time.

It's decently heavy so it barely moves when you shoot at it (i've only used this on grass). Feels as solid as a proper goal if you hit one of the posts.

Obviously it's one of the more expensive options but i'm pretty happy with it overall and would recommend it to anyone wanting a durable portable goal.

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