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StringKing Complete 2 Pro Midfield Women's Lacrosse Stick Trad Tech Pocket

StringKing Complete 2 Pro Midfield Women's Lacrosse Stick Trad Tech Pocket

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One of the very best off the shelf women's lacrosse sticks just got a pocket upgrade and its awesome.

The StringKing Complete 2 Pro Midfield Women's Lacrosse Stick offers a unique combination of control, accuracy and power that is ideal for experienced midfielders. Featuring advanced material science and precision engineering, this lacrosse stick offers great value at the elite level and high performance proven at the highest levels of women's lacrosse. 

Built for versatility the StringKing Complete 2 Pro is the highest performing women's lacrosse stick.

The Midfield comes with an expertly strung, versatile pocket with Women's Trad Tech Pocket and a premium carbon fiber Composite Pro lacrosse shaft.

The Mark 2 Midfield lacrosse head features a mid-high pocket placement and slightly narrowed face-shape so you can be a threat on both ends of the field.

  • Faster Shots.

    Dominate the field with explosive force using the new Tech Trad pocket. Its unique design delivers faster shots and unrivaled control.

  • More Hold.

    Experience dynamic control on the field with the innovative Tech Trad pocket. Maximize ball retention and gain a game-changing advantage.

  • All-Weather.

    The Tech Trad pocket conquers all climates. Weather-resistant materials and meticulous craftsmanship ensure optimal performance in any condition.

The Women’s Composite Pro shaft is made of the highest quality carbon fiber and provides ultra-consistent performance in a lightweight package. It also features a soft-touch coating that stays grippy in any conditions.

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