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StringKing Grizzly 1X Semi Hard Goalie Mesh

StringKing Grizzly 1X Semi Hard Goalie Mesh

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MORE SAVES - More than 30 grams lighter than other goalie meshes on the market, StringKing Grizzly Mesh makes your stick lighter and your hands faster, so you can make more saves.

• FEWER REBOUNDS - New lexLite (tm) fibers create a controlled horizonal stretch in the mesh that heps the ball die in your pocket and ensures that you surrentder fewer rebounds.

• SHARPER OUTLETS - StringKing all-weather consistency combined with a new knitting pattern creates a deep channeled pocket that lets you thorw outlets on a dime.

• DURABILITY GUARANTEE - If your Grizzly Mesh breaks within 90 days of purchase, StringKing will replace your mesh for free.

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