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StringKing Mark 2F Stiff Strung Head

StringKing Mark 2F Stiff Strung Head

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Built stiffer.
The Mark 2F Stiff faceoff lacrosse head is an updated version of the best-selling Mark 2F, but with a stiffer material to help you dominate battles at the faceoff X and to give you more consistent performance on the field.

Stiffer material.
The Mark 2F Stiff faceoff head features everything great about the original Mark 2F, now with a stiffer material to help you win those 50/50 battles and be even more dominant at the faceoff stripe.

Ultimate control.
From top to bottom, the Mark 2F Stiff was designed to help you dominate the game. The shortened throat gives you more leverage, the high flair and straightened sidewall help control the ball, and the stiff materials give you the advantage in every battle.

Ground ball dominance.
Controlling the faceoff means nothing if you don't control possession. The angled scoop of the Mark 2F Stiff makes it a ground ball vacuum so you can attack a loose ball from any angle.

6-month warranty.
We extended our quick and easy warranty to 6 months because we believe in the durability of our Mark 2 heads.

Pre-Strung Option: Type 4F (Face-Off) Performance Mesh M Pocket

M Pocket
  • Accuracy. Power. Ball retention. – Our signature mid pocket gives you maximum accuracy and power. And the pinched face shape means better ball retention under pressure.
  • Our most versatile pocket. – The M pocket offers superior control and the perfect amount of whip to make you an outside threat without sacrificing inside finishes or quick feeds.
  • Customizable and adjustable. – 29 stringing holes on each sidewall allow for endless customization, while the adjustable shooters and bottom lace make it easy to fine-tune your pocket.

Type 4F Face Off Mesh

Pure performance.

StringKing has added a new mesh to its 4 line, StringKing Type 4F. This is StringKing's first face off specific mesh. Taking into consideration the incredible success of its mesh, StringKing's Type 4F Mesh is sure to perform at the highest level.

StringKing has redesigned the mesh and now comes with lighter and thinner material. Weighing in at only 14 grams, 4F Mesh is one of the lightest pieces of mesh on the market. This mesh features Tri-Twist yarns, which makes it ultra-light while maintaining durability and performance. This Tri-Twist pattern gives the player longer lasting consistency throughout usage which provides the ultimate advantage to dominate the X.

Durability Guaranteed.
6 month warranty.
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