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Stringking Lacrosse

StringKing Mark 2G Goalie Lacrosse Head Strung

StringKing Mark 2G Goalie Lacrosse Head Strung

Stringking Mark 2G goalie head

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StringKing Mark 2G Built for goalies.

The Mark 2G goalie lacrosse head features an ultra-stiff construction, light-weight design and optimized face shape for faster hands and more saves.

Custom strung with Grizzly 2S semi soft or 2X semi hard performance mesh

With a design that maximizes both surface area and stiffness, the Mark 2G helps you make more saves every time you get in net.

The Mark 2G gives you more control over your lacrosse stick than ever before with a shortened throat and an unparalleled 42 stringing holes.

Eliminating unnecessary weight gives you a lighter goalie head and faster hands to make more saves.

Perfect to use with StringKing shafts

Head complies with US Lacrosse and World Lacrosse requirements for men's and women's lacrosse

Confirm stringing required for men's or women's lacrosse

6-month warranty

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