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StringKing Pro Offense Women's Lacrosse Stick Trad Tech Pocket + Metal 3 Handle

StringKing Pro Offense Women's Lacrosse Stick Trad Tech Pocket + Metal 3 Handle

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Built for versatility the Stringking complete 2 pro is the highest performing women's lacrosse stick.

The offense comes with an expertly strung, versatile pocket with women's Trad Tech pocket and a premium carbon fiber composite pro lacrosse shaft.

The lightweight mark 2 offense lacrosse head features an aggressive face shape and focused high pocket for better ball control and faster shots.

  • Faster Shots.

    Dominate the field with explosive force using the new Tech Trad pocket. Its unique design delivers faster shots and unrivaled control.

  • More Hold.

    Experience dynamic control on the field with the innovative Tech Trad pocket. Maximize ball retention and gain a game-changing advantage.

  • All-Weather.

    The Tech Trad pocket conquers all climates. Weather-resistant materials and meticulous craftsmanship ensure optimal performance in any condition.

Made with premium alloy and advanced manufacturing, the Women's Metal 3 Pro lacrosse shaft delivers lightweight, durable and consistent performance.

The Women's Metal 3 Pro lacrosse shaft was designed with a thinner profile for better feel and control. A shaft adapter is required and included to fit our Women's lacrosse heads.

More durable.

Metal 3 Pro lacrosse shafts feature an improved alloy and smarter material distribution to make them stronger without slowing you down.

More control.

The Women's Metal 3 Pro shaft has a thinner ¾" profile to give you better feel and more control over your stick.

Better value.

Premium materials and precise manufacturing make Metal 3 Pro a lightweight, strong, and consistent shaft at an even better value.

6-month warranty

6 month limited warranty on head and handle


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