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StringKing Starter Girls Lacrosse Stick

StringKing Starter Girls Lacrosse Stick

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The Girls’ Starter is the perfect first lacrosse stick, with the right balance of price and performance to introduce new players to the game and help them have fun.

Learning lacrosse can be daunting enough without worrying about all the intricacies of your stick. The Girls' Starter takes the headache out of choosing your setup with high quality, consistent components.

The most important thing your stick can be is reliable. The head, pocket, and shaft of the Girls' Starter were designed to perform together seamlessly, so you can focus on the game and have fun.

It's not easy getting up to speed when you're just starting lacrosse. Check one thing off your list with confidence by getting the Girls' Starter. Grab it off the shelf and hit the field, no break-in needed.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent stick for a beginner

We recently bought a couple of these sticks for our club, as we'd had a lot of enquiries from girls looking to try the sport.

Our coaches were really impressed with these sticks. They're strong enough that they aren't easily damaged, but lighter than all of our other 'loan' sticks. The pockets are great, and only need a little breaking in to ensure they're supple. They have a really nice sweet spot, that draws the ball to exactly where it needs to be. All of which helps a new player become so much more confidant.

Would definitely recommend

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