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Stringking Lacrosse

StringKing Men's Performance Mesh Kit Type 4F

StringKing Type 4F Men's Mesh Stringing Kit

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StringKing Type 4F Performance Lacrosse Mesh.

This is StringKing’s first face-off specific mesh, hence the “F” in the name. Taking into consideration the incredible success of its mesh, StringKing's Type 4F Mesh is sure to perform at the highest level.

StringKing has redesigned the mesh and now comes with lighter and thinner material. Weighing in at only 14 grams, 4F Mesh is one of the lightest pieces of mesh on the market. This mesh features Tri-twist yarns, which makes it ultra-light while maintaining durability and performance. This Tri-twist pattern gives the player longer lasting consistency throughout usage which provides the ultimate advantage to dominate the X.

If you are a face-off specialist looking for the highest performing mesh in its weight class, the StringKing Type 4F Performance Lacrosse Mesh is for you.