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STX Cell X Lacrosse Box Arm Guards

STX Cell X Lacrosse Box Arm Guards

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STX Cell X Lacrosse Box Arm Guards provide the perfect protection for box lacrosse. With more coverage and increased protection, players can focus on the game without worrying about injury. The arm guards also offer a removable wrist piece for added convenience and comfort. 

STX Cell X Lacrosse Box Arm Guards

Designed specifically for the box game

Superior upper and forearm design provides contoured, full-coverage protection

Ultra-lightweight, no-slip mesh sleeve provides ideal comfort and fit

Low-profile plastic elbow cap for high-impact protection

Multi-direction, dual-strap system includes a 360° bicep strap designed to lock pads in place

Adjustable/removable wrist guard for added protection

Sizing guide can be found here

Customer Reviews

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They provide solid coverage and more flexible than I had been anticipating. Ideal for box and good for field too

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