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STX Fuse Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick with Lock Pocket 2.0

STX Fuse Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick with Lock Pocket 2.0

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STX have always been a industry leader when it comes to innovation and lacrosse equipment, the new STX Fuse really stands out in the modern women's game. There's plenty of people out there who doubt this stick but most would change their minds in a heartbeat once they picked it up.

STX Fuse™ is the first women's elite one-piece lacrosse stick.  Although other one-piece designs have been released in the past, Fuse uses a unique dual-material construction method that combines together two materials—a composite handle and a plastic head.  This process creates a more lightweight and durable solution.

The Fuse one piece lacrosse stick changes the game by providing elite athletes with:
•    Maximum Ball Feel – Fuse was engineered with a high balance point, so players can more easily feel the ball as they carry and cradle on the run
•    No Head Rattle - One piece construction lets athletes focus on their game and not their gear 
•    Quicker Ground Balls - Speed Scoop™ technology protects the top strings and reduces drag for easier ground balls
•    Lock Pocket™ Game On – Fuse leverages our fan-favorite Lock Pocket, which features a perfectly pre-formed pocket that channels the ball right to the sweet spot
•    Faster Play – lightweight materials were used in this one-piece construction to allow athletes to make quicker passes, dodges, and goals. The Fuse™ handle features a 7/8” octagonal profile and integrated end cap.  


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