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STX Lacrosse Stallion 700 Enduraform Head

STX Lacrosse Stallion 700 Enduraform Head

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The STX Stallion 700 Enduraform Lacrosse Head offers increased durability and toughness all year long. The Stallion 700 Enduraform is engineered with STX’s proprietary material blend to resist forfeiting performance in even the most extreme temperatures. As a fan favorite since the original release – This latest STX Stallion 700 Enduraform version builds on the Stallion legacy with this updated material & strength to weight ratio. STX designed the Stallion 700 Enduraform head to be the ultimate two-way machine for the elite midfielder. Engineered to be an aggressive offensive tool and punishing defensive instrument the STX Stallion 700 Enduraform offers unmatched performance at the midfield line.

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