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TRUE Temper Flyte Women's Lacrosse Head

TRUE Temper Flyte Women's Lacrosse Head

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Introducing the all new FLYTE women's lacrosse head from True Temper. This head was designed to be one of the most advanced performance heads for elite players. The aggressive sidewall drop creates the deepest possible pocket and drives the ball into the sweet-spot of the pocket. The sidewall design provides improved stiffness that resists bending and deformation during play. The new Charge Point scoop design channels the ball perfectly down the center of the stick for pinpoint accuracy and a smoother release on shots and passes. Elevate your game with the FLYTE performance women's lacrosse head.

  • MAX STIFFNESS = MAX CONSISTENCY andPOWER: Featuring a thick sidewall design with larger rail support for maximum stiffness along the length of the head that provides consistent release and maximum power.
  • THE PERFECT CHANNEL: The NEW Charge Point Scoop reduces material in the back of the scoop to create the perfect flex profile when shooting, that channels the energy directly out the center of the pocket for pinpoint accuracy.
  • MAX OFFSET = DEEPEST POCKET: The aggressive sidewall drop on the FLYTE head drives the ball into the sweet spot of the pocket for improved ball control when cradling and dodging.
  • ALL POSITIONS HEAD: Because of its versatile design the FLYTE head can work for almost any position and style of play - whether you are a goal scorer, playmaker, transition midfielder, or lock-down defender the FLYTE will help you elevate your game.
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