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Armor Mesh - Hype or Real Deal?

Armor Mesh - Hype or Real Deal?

Jason Perrin |

Ok so you'll have seen Armor Mesh all over Instagram and Tik Tok lately. But is it the real deal or a hyped up product?

What is Armor Mesh? It's a revolutionary hand made "mesh" which flexes where you want it yet stays consistent for an always smooth release. The chain link design expands and contracts together with provide as little resistance points as possible for the ball which allows you keep control while cradling, catching, faking, passing and shooting. The material is 100% hydrophobic so no bagging out in wet weather and has unmatched durability as the it has a strength to weight ratio 10x greater than steel, yet is super light.

How is it to string? So it definitely is not for less experienced stringers but once you get a feel for how to string it then this stuff is golden. No hype, just pure goodness.

Armor Mesh

Armor Mesh makes some awesome looking pockets

The men's pockets, Pegasus and Spyder Wire have been out for a little while now but the newest product is making serious waves in the women's game and to be honest we have struggled to keep the Valkyrie runner in stock since we reviewed it on our YouTube channel. I'd say half the custom sticks with Valkyrie pockets have actually been sold to customers in the US.