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Gait Mustang Review

Gait Mustang Review

Jason Perrin |

There's no hiding the fact that lacrosse head design is coming to a point where there is only some much more you can do to a head and innovation is becoming harder in a very crowded market.

As there is so many midfielders on a lacrosse team, it should come as a surprise that men's lacrosse midfield heads are being pumped out in to the market at a crazy rate and let's be clear...not one of these heads is "game changing". Don't get me wrong, the equipment available to players currently is excellent and plastic has improved to a point where we see fewer and fewer breakages which means head design has focused on reducing warping and cutting weight without sacrificing strength.

So let's get to our thoughts on Gait's latest offering to men's lacrosse...the Mustang. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one early January while on our Laxcon trip hosted by US Lacrosse, Gait has been excellent at getting new product in to our hands early which is really important to us as a European based lacrosse store because it gives us time to really get to know the product and decide the kind of quantities we need to order. Early release product gives us time to field test product and really get to know any flaws it may have.

The Mustang? It's the real deal, a head that ticks all the boxes for midfielders but also attack and possibly a head that long stick middies should be looking at too.