Cascade Drops The New CBX Box Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade Drops The New CBX Box Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade CBX Box Lacrosse Helmet

This is certainly not Cascade's first rodeo. They have been market leaders in the production of lacrosse helmets and the the new CBX is going to make some serious waves in the Box lacrosse game, although it's not the first time that Cascade helmets have been seen in the box as the M11 and M11 Pro ice hockey helmets were popular with those players able to get their hands on one.

It features a tool free adjustment system that is easy to use and allows the helmet to expand and contract for a customized fit.

The liner includes VTX TECHNOLOGY; A lightweight foam that absorbs both high and low energy impacts.

XRD FOAM offers extreme impact protection.

Comfort fit SUSPEND-TECH liner system has multiple densities of soft, comfortable foam allowing for enhanced fit.

IX-FOAM provides maximum coverage and impact performance in critical impact zones.

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