When Will Lacrosse Return

When Will Lacrosse Return

I know we've all heard plenty about the current global pandemic but COVID-19 is a great threat to the growth of the sport not only in England but in the rest of Europe. Since March 23rd, the UK has been in lockdown and we've been having some amazing weather all across Europe perfect for all those tournaments now cancelled.

Current England Lacrosse Guidelines

During this time schools and universities have been closed, and may not return to normality for a long time. I believe that this may effect our sport for years to come, even with the lack of an LDO program here in the UK, schools are the place to get the younger generations hooked on our sport. With university lacrosse booming in recent years, this has strengthened our numbers, however the impact that this pandemic has on our sport has only just begun. With many places currently planning for distanced learning there will be little to no university sport taking place, this is worrying as we may see a shortfall in the number of participants over the next few years. In these uncertain times active members of our sport must do what they can to safeguard the future of the sport.

Just recently, Sport England announced that people were able to begin training in small groups of up to six in outdoor areas. Which has been great I have seen many seniors at my club working on fitness together, and there seems to be a greater bond forming throughout the club. However under the current guidelines from Sport England and England Lacrosse, it is advised that equipment should not be shared including balls. So what else can we as players do to try get the game restarted again?

Practicing Social Distancing

One of the biggest things we can do is to practice social distancing. If your meeting up with people then adhere to the 2m distancing, although this can be difficult in some situations if we are making a conscious effort to social distance things may begin to change. If we hope to get back to playing this September we need to practice social distancing. This isn’t easy. We are social animals. We are often asked and even expected to make sacrifices for our teams’ success. In the big scheme of things, social distancing is a pretty small ask.

Staying In Shape

Those First few training sessions after the offseason can sometimes be hard work, having not played for a long time and possibly enjoying the summer too much. with last season being cut short and no set date for when the 2020/21 season will start, we need to stay in shape and keep a stick in our hands.

Stay in shape. Set goals. Push yourself. Work on weaknesses. Return to your team better than when you left it.

With small groups able to exercise together, now is the time to start, even if your not the sort of person that enjoys fitness training, treat it like a bit of a social exercise. Having been unable to see many people in the UK, exercising in small groups will help you both mentally and physically. And if there is someone on your team who needs that extra kick to come train then give it to them, they will thank you in the end.

We’re all starting to realize how much most of our lives revolve around lacrosse. Let’s not waste it or take it for granted. Take responsibility for yourself and your team. If you do not have a rebounder or a wall, throw with a member of your family or a friend. Go to your local club and use a goal if the club is allowing it. Be ready.

And when we do get back to normal. Thank all those who helped us get back there quicker. 

Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives.

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