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Here at Northern Soul Sportswear we see the latest and greatest in lacrosse equipment, and we want you to know what you should be looking for. Now just because a stick is the most expensive or the newest, doesn't mean that it is the best stick for you. Here we show you what the latest equipment is as well as the best value.

Sticks such as the Stringking Complete Metal 3 series of sticks are great value for money getting you a top end head on a slightly cheaper handle making it a great buy for an intermediate player.

In the top end bracket of sticks you have the STX Exult and Crux Pros which offer some of the best technology and performance in women's lacrosse this does come at a price though. Another brand that is right on the heels of STX in terms of performance is Gait Lacrosse with their Whip and Apex sticks which have been one of our best sellers.

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